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 A 24-hour emergency wing for trauma and accident care.

The Department for Orthopedics treats muscle, bone and joint disorders. Areas of special emphasis include arthritis, joint replacement, spine surgery, sports medicine, physical medicine, hand, foot and ankle, orthopaedic oncology, trauma, and pediatric orthopedics.
Our orthopedic surgeons are committed to provide effective solutions to orthopedic problems. Specialized services include arthroscopy, musculoskeletal tumour surgery and reconstruction, rheumatology and treatment for orthopedic trauma.


The Orthopaedic team at St.Thomas’ hospital features some of the leading doctors in the field, with decades of experience of having catered to some of the most challenging cases. Their exposure to the latest equipment backed by able paramedics, enables precise and quick relief to patients.
Dr. Jayakrishnan .R
( M.S, Mch(ortho) )
Trauma and Deformity Correction
Dr. Kiran .R.
(D.(Ortho),DNB (Ortho)
Paediatric and Adult Trauma
Dr. John.T John ( Visiting)
(M.S. MCh(ortho) MRCS(Glasgow), Fip TB, F NUH(Singapore)FRESH)
Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy
Dr. Sreekumar.M. (Visiting)
Spine Surgery



Joint replacement options for those patients who have difficulty in doing their activities of daily living due to degeneration of their joints. In joint replacement surgery the damaged surface of the joint is removed and is replaced with an artificial joint. Osteoarthritis is the commonest cause of damage requiring joint replacement. Other causes include rheumatoid arthritis, poor blood supply to joints (vascular necrosis and various childhood problems that results in delayed arthritis. Joint replacement surgery has brought a new lease of life to many who have suffered from pain due to damaged joints. Commonly replaced joints are the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow. We do replacement surgeries for only those patients who deserve and benefit from surgery.
It Is The Procedure Where An Arthritic Or Damaged Joint Is Removed And Replaced With An Artificial Joint Made Of Metal Is Called Joint Replacement Procedure.
  • The Centre offers all types of joint replacement to restore freedom of movement and relieve the pain of degenerated and diseased joints. Surgery often provides dramatic improvement in daily functioning for people with arthritis. Medications and physical therapy services are helpful adjuncts.
  • Some of the latest techniques offered are cementless implants for a customised fit thus prolonging the life of the replacement. However, joint replacements do not last forever. Many people require a second replacement surgery, especially for hip joints. This replacement, or revision, can be more difficult than the initial surgery due to the difficulty in removing the adhesive material used to hold the artificial joint in place.
  • Knee and hip replacement surgery are the most common procedures. Orthopedic surgeons also perform joint replacement surgery for other major joints including the elbow, ankle, shoulder, and wrist joints. In addition, our surgeons have extensive experience in using the newest clinically proven techniques to revise joint replacements that have failed. Rehabilitation following joint replacement is coordinated with other healthcare professionals on the arthritis centre team.
  • Our facilities to perform joint replacements are outstanding both in theatre environment and instrumentation. For all joint replacement cases we have Laminar Air Flow operation theatres, cement gun for pressurizing during cementing, vacuum mixing of the cement, pulsatile lavage, pneumatic and cordless power saw/reamer system and complete systems for primary and revision arthroplasty. A computer navigation system is also part of the joint replacement armamentarium.
This is usually undertaken in patients who have had their hip joints destroyed due to injury or diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Hip resurfacing and replacements using ceramic liners are done for relatively young active patients.
Joints like the elbow and shoulder, which are damaged due to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or due to traumatic injury are treated with total joint replacement.
The department specializes in trauma recovery, spinal injuries, reconstructive techniques, complicated joint replacements, shoulder surgeries, delicate hand and spine surgeries. The orthopedic surgeons, backed by a team of physiotherapists and nurses, handle all orthopedic emergencies and complex cases. The department is well-equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatres and fully equipped ultra-modern critical care beds to help our patients have a quick recovery. Patients suffering from major traumatic injuries are given immediate care at the 24*7 traumatic care divisions which is well-resourced with advanced facilities and staff.

Division of Deformity and Ilizarov surgery

Limb deformities occur in children and adults due to congenital and acquired factors and many are complex.
Bone loss frequently occurs due to trauma, infection and is a disabling condition. We have been focusing on treatment of this disabling problem with Ilizarov ring fixation and bone transport.
Cosmetic height increase is done for short stature and involves bone lengthening Clubfeet Surgery.
Commonly treated pediatric problems include clubfoot, trauma, hip disorders deformities of the upper and lower limbs. We have a special interest for care of the disabled children.


An arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery used to diagnose and treat problems with joints.
It’s most commonly used on the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips.
The equipment used during an arthroscopy is very small, so only small cuts in the skin are needed. This means it has some advantages over traditional, “open” surgery, including:
• less pain after the operation
• faster healing time
• lower risk of infection
• you can often go home the same day
• you may be able to return to normal activities more quickly


Orthopedic trauma is a serious injury to parts of your musculoskeletal system – such as bones, joints, or ligaments. Traumatic injury requires immediate medical attention, as in some cases it can be life threatening. But no matter the severity, urgent care is needed. Patients will be treated by an orthopedic trauma specialist, who focuses on patients suffering serious injury.
Trauma patients are given priority admission and immediate access.
• Acute trauma care unit.
• ICU Facilities.
• Interlock Nailing.
• MIPPO fracture fixation
• 24 hrs Orthopedic on call service.
• Laminar Flow Operation Theatre.
• HEPA Filter. (NABH standard)
• Image intensifier.
• Fracture table.
• Battery & Electric drill system.
• Arthroscopy system.
  • Correction of congenital and childhood deformities
  • Clubfoot – JESS Fixations, IIizarov fixation
  • Malunited elbow fractures
  • Genu recurvatum reconstruction etc.
  • Recurrent dislocation Pattella


Our Back Care Clinic would be open on all Tuesdays and Fridays.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go for an orthopedic consultation. And it is said that every person experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. 90% of Back Pain is mechanical and can be curd by Medication, Rest and Physiotherapy.
Only 10% of Back Pain needs further evaluation like MRI Scan and treatments like Epidural Injections, Discectomy, Laminectomy, Instrumental Fusion etc.
Arthritis or Joint Degeneration is the most common cause of Joint Pain among elderly people.  Knee, Hip, Shoulder, & Wrist are the commonly affected areas in the human body. If detected at an early stage, it can be cured and the worsening can be stopped. Proper Medications and Physiotherapy plays a vital role. Severe cases of Arthritis needs Joint Replacement or Arthroplasty .
We have the most modern LAMINAR FLOW OPERATION THEATRE which make these surgeries safe and infection free.
Congenital and  Acquired deformities of upper and lower limbs need early detecton and treatment. The most commonly seen Congenital Deformity is  “CTEVOR” CLUB FOOT.
Best results are obtained if detected soon after birth and treatments started with serial manipulation and plaster application. Severe deformities and neglected cases may require surgical correction , JESS FIXATION or ILIZAROV TREATMENT.
Sports Injury and Road Traffic Accidents are the major cause for “JOINT INJURIES” In children and young adults. Only bone injuries are detected in X-rays and Joint Injuries are neglected in most of the cases. This later on leads to Pain and Arthritis of the joints. If detected at the early stage , it can be treated effectively using Joint Keyhole Surgery or ARTHROSCOPY , with minimal pain or scars.
Renowned Joint Arthroscopic  &  Arthroplasty  Surgeon Dr. John. T. John is visiting our hospital every 2nd Saturday of the month.


Physiotherapy can be defined as a treatment method that focuses on the science of movement and helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function, motion.
Physical therapists provide services that develop, maintain and restore people’s maximum movement and functional ability. They can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.
We offer home visit physiotherapy treatment if you would prefer treatment in the comfort of your own home . This may convenient if you have mobility issues or time constraints which would require therapy at home.
Our physiotherapy treatment is available for acute/ chronic cases.  If you or any person of your concern are suffering from any of the following do contact us.
  • MUSCO SKELETAL ISSUES. (Bones, Joints & soft tissues)
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